Assisted Living Care Facility Oakland - Windemere Park | Senior Living in Warren, MI
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Assisted Living Care Facility Oakland

Assisted Living Care Facility Oakland

How to Transition from Living Independently to an Assisted Living Care Facility


When faced with helping a loved one or friend transition from living independently to living in an assisted living facility, Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy, can make the process easier. Leaving home can cause uncertainty, concerns and anxiety. When friends and family have the proper knowledge, they can feel confident in their decision for their loved one.

Encourage the Resident to be connected: The adjustment to new surroundings takes time and each person adjusts differently. It is important family members and friends offer their loved one support during this stage. The Resident should be encouraged to make friends and socialize. Windemere Park of Oakland offers many social activities at their assisted living and memory care facility in Troy. Becoming involved helps the new Resident realize that this is their home and helps them form new relationships.

Make the space feel like home: As much as possible, pictures, mementos, and furniture from the family home should be incorporated into the Residents new assisted living home. When a Resident is surrounded by things that are familiar, it can make the transition easier and remind him or her that they are still loved by family and friends.

Create lists: As family members and friends are preparing to help with a move into an assisted living facility it is helpful to make a list of the person’s dietary preferences and daily activities with which he or she needs assistance. Windemere Park of Oakland, located in Troy, creates a personal care plan for every resident in assisted living and memory care. It is beneficial for staff at a facility to know hobbies, religious preferences, and specific interests the Resident enjoys when creating the care plan.

Partner with a Trusted Expert

Moving from an independent family home to an assisted living facility can be stressful. The Windemere Park of Oakland Troy location, is a state licensed facility, experienced assisted living and memory care community that provides dignity, comfort, compassionate and personalized care. Your family member’s home-away-from-home will include:

  • A variety of social groups and gatherings
  • On-site medical professionals
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Various floor plans and living space options
  • Religious programs

Windemere Park of Oakland also provides Residents additional care and assistance due to memory loss from Alzheimer’s disease or other diseases. Seniors needing an extra level of care will find a compassionate, safe and caring environment at the Troy Windemere Park facility.

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