Assisted Living Troy - Windemere Park | Senior Living in Warren, MI
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Assisted Living Troy

Assisted Living Troy

Differences Between Independent Living, Skilled Nursing Home Facilities,
Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities


Navigating senior care can be confusing. Several types of facilities are available from Independent unlicensed facilities to assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and memory care facilities. Although all types of facilities provide peace of mind and comfort for families and Residents, care is different.

Independent Living

Seniors who live in an unlicensed Independent facility are choosing a retirement home where the community has no involvement in resident care or welfare. Windemere Park of Oakland is a state licensed assisted living facility located in Troy where all the staff of the community are involved in the health and wellbeing of every resident.

Nursing Home

While some use the term “nursing home” as a blanket covering for all types of senior care facilities, the terms are often not interchangeable.

Skilled nursing home settings provide an extended amount of medical care and attention for those who are unable to move around on their own or are very limited in their ability to do so. Individuals who live in a skilled nursing home require 24-hour-a-day care. If a person is bedridden, a skilled nursing home may be a better option for their living situation. A skilled nursing home typically has a single or double occupancy room setup rather than a floor plan with independent apartments that include separate living spaces.

Assisted Living

An assisted living facility may be appropriate for individuals just needing the next step from home. Windemere Park of Oakland is an assisted living and memory care facility offering supervised care for seniors, including nutritious meals, medication management and 24 hour staffing.

Assisted living Residents are encouraged to live at their most independent state, consistent with their abilities. Seniors who live in an assisted living facility are often able to do many or most of their daily activities, although some require staff support.

Specialized Memory Care

There are other situations where a loved one may be better suited for a memory care facility, especially when he or she has been diagnosed with a disease causing dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Professionals trained in dementia and Alzheimer’s provide increased structure and additional attention to Residents needing an extra level of care, helping them live the best life possible.

There are many differences between independent senior living, skilled nursing home living, assisted living, respite care, and memory care. A qualified professional in senior residential care can answer questions regarding types of care available, the onsite medical and health professionals, and the cost associated with living arrangements.

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