Daily Care for Memory Loss Residents - Windemere Park | Senior Living in Warren, MI
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Daily Care for Memory Loss Residents

Daily Care for Memory Loss Residents

When a family moves their loved one into an assisted living facility, there are often many questions about how their family member will spend their days. While each memory care facility is structured differently, there are some basic guidelines for the types of activities that will occupy a Resident’s day. Below are examples of some daily activities:


  • Grooming – Compassionate staff members will work with memory care Residents to provide basic dressing, bathing, and grooming each morning and evening, according to the Resident’s needs.


  • Social activities – Daily social activities are encouraged for Residents. Residents at Windemere Park of Oakland, a Troy area assisted living and memory community enjoy activities such as fitness classes, bingo, movies or book club. It’s possible for Residents to enjoy a full social calendar, while others may only choose to participate in one or two favorite activities. Social activities can also include visits to the on-site beauty salon / barber shop as well as a massage at the on-site spa.


  • Meals – Not only is mealtime an opportunity for providing Residents delicious nutrition, but it’s also a time to see close friends and to socialize in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.


  • Rest – Nearly every Resident requires some down time each day, and memory loss residents can tire quickly, especially if they’ve had a frustrating morning. An afternoon rest can be a much-needed time to relax during the course of each day. Whether it’s a nap or simply some quiet time spent in their room, Residents will emerge from this time feeling refreshed and well-rested.


  • Visitors – Residents always look forward to spending time with the family and friends. Sometimes a visit with a memory care Residents may feel unsuccessful because a loved one didn’t recognize an individual or perhaps didn’t engage in a conversation or activity. Every visit makes a person feel loved and supported, even if they can’t express it.


  • Evening relaxation – Following dinner each night, Residents are encouraged to spend free time socializing with friends, watching TV, playing games, or spending time on their own reading. This time is designed to relax and prepare Residents for a peaceful night’s sleep while enjoying time spent with their friends in a comfortable and social manner.


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