Dementia Care Facility in Troy - Windemere Park | Senior Living in Warren, MI
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Dementia Care Facility in Troy

Dementia Care Facility in Troy

Dementia Care Facility in Troy

For people with dementia, the world can feel very uncertain at times. Professional Dementia Practitioners are trained in dementia. These professionals understand this unique disease and able to comfort Residents, make them feel peaceful, relaxed, and safe while maintaining their dignity along the way.

Stimulation through conversation can help those with dementia keep their minds attentive. Even though their disease may worsen over time, Professionals trained in dementia invite Residents into conversation, listening to their stories and concerns. Simply having a good listener for company can quickly bolster the spirit of the Resident.

A Positive Atmosphere

Windemere Park of Oakland, a dementia care facility in Troy, knows a positive atmosphere is important. The memory care team at Windemere Park of Oakland focuses on making sure their facility is safe, compassionate, engaging and enjoyable for Residents. The memory care team at Windemere Park is dedicated to helping Residents live the best life possible.

Helping Others Live Fully

There is possibly no greater fulfillment than helping others live full lives. Trained professionals at Windemere Park in Troy, a memory care facility, help experience that fulfillment on a daily basis. They assist Residents with maximizing their own level of independence, quality of life, and their sense of community.

Windemere Park offers individualized assisted living and memory care for seniors.  Please contact us for more information on dementia or to set up a tour of the facility.


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