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Dementia FAQ’s


It’s natural to have questions when looking into assisted living for a loved one with dementia. The process can be made much more stressful when you don’t understand exactly what is going on. We want to ensure that you have a full understanding of what to look for, the terms we use and when it’s time to make a change. Windemere Park wants to make your search for assisted living for a loved one with dementia as easy as possible.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a very broad term simply meaning memory loss. An incident, such as an injury or stroke can affect memory. A disease such as Alzheimer’s can cause significant changes in the brain. When a person is experiencing memory loss changes in behaviors, personality and making decisions will occur. Initially the changes may be small and uneventful, but they will worsen. The danger is that we are unable to know when a significant change will happen, making someone with dementia extremely vulnerable.
A person with dementia struggles with every responsibility. Imagine trying to walk on a broken leg without support. Yet, often we expect those with dementia to” walk” through their day without support. The result is inability to manage daily responsibilities such as taking medication properly, eating well, caring for their body, and interacting safely with strangers. At Windemere Park of Oakland trained professionals can help a person struggling with this disease to live a healthy, comfortable enriching life.

Why should I look for a licensed community?

A licensed community has met all requirements of state guidelines for providing care to seniors. Many communities portray themselves as an assisted living community but are really an independent community which simply means they are providing an apartment and some daily amenities such as meals or housekeeping. They may offer outside care but a resident is still alone in their apartment and there is limited oversight regarding their health and welfare.
Windemere Park of Oakland is a state licensed community involved in all aspects your loved ones’ daily well-being. At Windemere Park of Oakland we are concerned that all residents experience a healthy and enriching lifestyle, including a caring experienced staff 24 hours a day, trained dementia caregivers, an engaging enrichment program, medication oversight and gourmet meals all enjoyed in a state of the art environment.

What are “ADL’s”?

The term ADL refers to all the Activities of Daily Living. Most people can manage daily events without support or direction; from a morning routine of dressing, grooming and hygiene to managing bathroom needs and moving throughout their day safely. Many seniors struggle with these activities and the consequence is falls, poor nutrition, and unnecessary health consequences.
Part of daily activities also includes social stimulation, often neglected living isolated, alone in one’s environment. In the right surrounding seniors can flourish with improved wellbeing, strength, social interaction and increased independence. At Windemere Park of Oakland we encourage every resident to live at their highest level of independence, offering support where helpful and encouraging social interaction.

When is the right time to start a search or make a change?

Too many families wait until “something happens”. Postponing decisions often results in a fall, incident or health decline that prevents healthy individuals from enjoying a safe and enriching quality of life. The result is neglected hygiene, poor nutrition and decisions that are unsafe and often lead to unnecessary mishaps.
When a person is experiencing dementia they are unable to make safe choices making them dangerously vulnerable. When the body declines, either physically and especially due to dementia, an individual who has safe and loving relationship with caregivers are more comfortable accepting the care they will need. Delaying the decision often results in unnecessary consequences. Windemere Park of Oakland compassionately understands the move from home may be difficult and we gently help with the transition to your loved one’s new home.

What do the terms senior community, assisted living or memory care community mean?

An independent community is structured for a very independent senior interested in the freedom of home ownership and the enjoyment of social interaction. In an independent community there is very little oversight in the health and wellbeing of a tenant. Although a good setting, many seniors will need additional care as they age and this will often require a move typically into an assisted living or memory care community. The question may then arise will I want to move my loved one knowing how traumatic changing a senior’s environment can be, as well as reestablishing important relationships.
Windemere Park of Oakland, a state licensed assisted living and memory care community, provides oversight encouraging a healthy daily routine. At Windemere Park of Oakland the special touch and concern that trained and experienced staff provides is immeasurable. Choosing Windemere Park of Oakland assured families that the unique and special relationship we establish, as well as our understanding of each resident, will remain throughout most changes that may occur.

Contact Our Dementia Practitioner Today!

Our professional staff is skilled in assessing the level of care appropriate for the one you love, offering four levels of Assisted Living care as well as multiple stages of Memory Care. With our care and service come all the comforts of home. We provide your loved ones with reassurance and support. Our certified dementia practitioners can help your loved ones manage their symptoms, and enjoy their stay at Windemere Park.
We strive to improve and sustain our Residents’ overall quality of life and well being in a home where Residents want to live. A person with dementia struggles with every responsibility. With our 24-hour care services, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is being taken care of in a proper and nurturing manner. We work closely with you and your loved ones to understand your needs and wishes. Every Resident has different needs, and we apply our care accordingly. When a person is experiencing memory loss changes in behaviors, personality and making decisions will occur.

Have a question? Speak with a certified dementia practitioner today: Call 248-602-2400 or fill out the form.