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Finding the Right Alzheimer’s Care Facility in Troy

Finding the Right Alzheimer’s Care Facility in Troy

Finding the Right Alzheimer’s Care Facility in Troy

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be terrifying for both the patient and loved ones. It brings a myriad of concerns, questions and planning. As the disease develops, people are often unable to live at home, requiring the unique attention a dementia care facility offers. While this can be a difficult decision for all involved, there are facilities designed to make that transition smooth and beneficial.

A memory care facility encourages Resident independence while providing personalized care and assistance. For the family members, finding the right Alzheimer’s care facility in Troy is an extremely important decision.

Ensuring Personalized Care

As Alzheimer’s progresses, the degree of care each Resident requires may vary. Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy is a qualified Alzheimer’s care facility that will be able to meet those fluctuating needs.  Family members can be sure that their loved one will, as a Resident, experience care specific to the stage of their disease. The trained professionals at Windemere Park of Oakland will customize the care of each Resident. Staff will assist Residents with their daily activities, such as dressing and bathing, administer medication, and provide nourishing meals. An active life enrichment program inspires residents, and strives to help maintain memory, using specific exercises to strengthen the mind.

Retaining Quality of Life

Residents deserve and Family members want their loved ones to experience a high quality of life, even as they age and move through an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy, is a memory care facility that provides just that. With all the assistance they need, Residents maximize their own level of independence. For that reason, moving to a memory care living facility allows Residents who have Alzheimer’s disease to continue with the quality of life they expect.

Trained caregiving staff members keep Residents engaged, healthy, and happy as they adjust to their new home. They monitor their Residents’ wellbeing, offering opportunities for them to practice their spiritual beliefs, socialize, and enrich their lives.

Maintaining Independence and Fun

Residents, while living in a memory care facility, are not only in a place where they can be sure their daily needs are met; they are also in a place where they can have fun.  An Alzheimer’s care facility such as Windemere Park of Oakland, offers daily activities to Residents. They are equipped with many types of entertainment. Residents enjoy a library, computers, spiritual programs, and a fitness area. Live entertainment, parties and seasonal events are a few ways a Residents’ day is full and fun.

The word Alzheimer’s is a tough diagnosis to hear for the patient and family members. But, when the transition is necessary, an Alzheimer’s care facility, such as Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy, provides a caring place where Residents and their families can find peace knowing their loved one will receive all the comforts of home.

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