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Honoring Life Before Alzheimer’s Disease

Honoring Life Before Alzheimer’s Disease

By the time a family moves their loved one with memory loss into a memory care facility, it can be difficult for them to remember them as anything other than the way they are now. It can be difficult for the memory loss Resident to connect with their former self as well. In what can be an uncertain time for everyone involved, there are some important things a family can do. Honoring a loved one’s life before Alzheimer’s disease with memory loss is important. As a loved one transitions into their home at a memory care facility in Troy, it’s important for family members to honor their life before Alzheimer’s. Some ways to do this are:


  • Share photographs – A special way to honor a family member’s life before memory loss and to aid in their remembering of past events and people is to share plenty of photographs. Displaying photos around their new home and bringing new photos along when visiting are great ways to reminisce memories together.   . Photographs are a useful tool for helping Residents to recall a memory through visual stimulation when simply hearing a name or talking about a person isn’t enough to help them remember.


  • Talk about personal memories – One of the best ways to spend time with a family member who has dementia is to share personal memories. When the Resident feels up for it, a stroll down memory lane and sharing a favorite stories is a deeply enriching way for both parties to spend time together. Unfortunately, these moments won’t be available forever, so it’s important to take advantage of them while possible.


  • Play favorite music – Just as seeing photographs can jog a thought for a Resident’s with memory loss, so can old music or home video. Even Residents with declining eyesight can share fond memories just by hearing someone speak or listening to familiar music on a recording.



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