Key Facts About Assisted Living Facilities for Loved Ones to Consider - Windemere Park | Senior Living in Warren, MI
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Key Facts About Assisted Living Facilities for Loved Ones to Consider

Key Facts About Assisted Living Facilities for Loved Ones to Consider

Key Facts About Assisted Living Facilities for Loved Ones to Consider

An assisted living facility may become a much-needed option for loved ones that can no longer take care of aging relatives. Choosing the right assisted living facility that empowers Residents, promotes independence and makes life enjoyable is an important decision. Therefore, family members should know what aspects are important.

Assisted Living Facilities Provide Independence Along With Care

At Windemere Park, an assisted living facility in Troy, we provide Residents with private apartments without the challenges of remaining at home. Residents don’t have to worry about things like laundry, housekeeping, or home maintenance. They enjoy well balanced nutritional meals in a dining room with engaging conversation.

A Community-Like Environment

Assisted living facilities create a feeling of community; residents enjoy the company of their peers. Seniors living alone in their home often have feelings of isolation. At Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy, everyone engages in social activities, recreational events, and gets to know one another.

Long-term friendships can quickly be established and Residents have access to more social opportunities than they would if they lived at home.

Hobbies Remain Intact

Residents still engage in hobbies and activities, including arts, gardening, fitness programs, games and crafts. Resident’s routinely enjoy outings such as shopping, the theater, and dining.

Care Services That Grow To the Needs of Residents

Most importantly, assisted living facilities are designed to provide the appropriate level of care that is needed to Residents. A Resident that has dementia related behaviors or a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease may need additional care that accommodates their changing needs and helps them feel safe and calm.

Chef Prepared Meals

Residents receive restaurant-quality cuisine that is designed around a balanced diet.  Snacks are available 24 hours as well, to accommodate the different dietary needs of the residents. Our Residents can enjoy meals in the open dining facilities as well as a private dining room for family events.

Windemere Park of Troy helps individuals keep their independence in a homelike setting. Family members and friends are always welcome to visit their loved ones and we offer special activities for family members to attend. By having access to the services they need, including additional medical care, an elderly loved one can live a more fulfilling life within an assisted living community than if they remained at home, even with in-home care.

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