Programs for People with Alzheimer's Disease - Windemere Park | Senior Living in Warren, MI
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Programs for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Programs for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Supplementary Programs for People with Alzheimer’s

Assisted living facilities should be passionate about more than just maintaining the current quality of life for their Residents. In addition to offering a range of customary support services, an assisted living facility should pride themselves on the ability to provide Residents with comprehensive assistance that involves a number of elements going beyond meeting their basic needs. Windemere Park, a state licensed facility in Troy provides care for Residents with dementia by adding a variety of alternative approaches improving Residents overall well-being. Some of the supplementary types of activities that are beneficial to people with Alzheimer’s include:

  • Art – Art t is valuable for many people, including those with Alzheimer’s disease. Art provides Residents with tactile stimulation, which is often not stimulated throughout the day. Physically creating something with our hands gives us sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which are important to maintaining a healthy attitude.
  • Musical – Music ty can happen in a number of forms, from singing to playing instruments to simply listening to music. Music creates a pleasant atmosphere that reduces tension and anxiety and invites people with Alzheimer’s to enjoy a calm and relaxing environment, which can be very comforting. Familiar music from a person’s generation also helps recall happy memories.
  • Spa Room – Windemere Park residents can enjoy a walk-in spa tub. The tranquil environment creates a relaxing atmosphere. The soothing whirlpool jets improve circulation and lowers blood pressure – creating a calm soothing experience. A spa tub experience reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Social activity – Socialization is essential for a person with Isolation can quickly lead to depression, so it’s critical that people with dementia spend time with others. Being together with their peers creates a low-stress environment that allows Residents to build friendships and enjoy the benefits of social interaction. Conversation helps a person reminiscence and recalls good memories.
  • Massage – The healing touch of massage can work wonders on the overall attitude and outlook of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Massage can soothe anxiety, agitation, and confusion, and can also improve symptoms of loneliness or isolation. Many people with Alzheimer’s can benefit from something as simple as a hand massage. A few moments are all it takes to calm and relax someone who is feeling confused, frightened, or anxious.





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