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Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s Residents

Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s Residents

There is always the hope that one day Alzheimer’s will be cured. From a medical standpoint, Alzheimer’s disease is considered as a progressive disease, meaning it gets worse with time. Despite the disease being currently incurable, there are many ways that loved ones and caregivers can try to stimulate a Resident’s brain into remembering bits and pieces of their past. The following is a list of stimulating activities for Alzheimer’s Residents.




Alzheimer’s Residents are often found trying to piece together a puzzle, as this can give them a sense of accomplishment and success.


Reading the Newspaper


Alzheimer’s Residents usually enjoy reading the newspaper as it is a very familiar act. Depending on the severity of one’s symptoms, Alzheimer’s Residents may no longer be able to read as they once could, or can become perplexed over the day’s date and current events. However, the comforting smell, texture, and appearance of a newspaper can bring back some good memories.




Gardening can be great therapy for people with Alzheimer’s. This is because gardening is a stress reliever; lessening depression and helps people become more in tune with nature.


Arts and Crafts


Another great activity that has been proven to help stimulate the mind of an Alzheimer’s Resident is art or crafting. Making repetitive movements and creating something of beauty can help an Alzheimer Resident’s brain. The arts and hobbies can be good for relieving anxiety for an Alzheimer’s Resident. Engaging in arts or working on a hobby is a great way for Alzheimer’s Residents to spend their days at a dementia care facility in Troy.




Listening to music is probably the most stimulating activity of all. This is because familiar music can trigger an Alzheimer’s Resident to suddenly remember a memory that they’ve unknowingly associated with a certain song. More than that, familiar music can help fight depression amongst dementia Residents. Alzheimer’s Residents who used to play an instrument can often uncover their hidden talents after hearing a song that they used to play. In addition, Alzheimer’s Residents can attempt to sing, and are sometimes surprised by how well they remember the lyrics.


When Alzheimer’s Residents live in a dementia care facility in Troy, they are often given a daily routine and numerous activities to fulfill. These activities are meant to stimulate their brains, thus lowering their general anxiety and encouraging them to engage with other Residents of similar circumstance.



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