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The Benefits of Diagnosing Dementia Early

The Benefits of Diagnosing Dementia Early

The Benefits of Diagnosing Dementia Early

Millions of Americans suffer from dementia, the brain-altering disease that primarily affects the aging population. There is no cure for dementia. However, research suggests that early diagnosis can greatly improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. Also, receiving assistance at a compassionate dementia facility, such as Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy, residents are able to cope more easily due to the specialized care.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia affects every aspect of a person’s life. People who suffer from dementia may have trouble with vocabulary, understanding and using words, lack restraint in social settings, and are prone to depression. Dementia sufferers often have to rely on family members or friends, to perform activities of daily living, such as washing, eating, or may neglect these responsibilities. A diagnosis can be scary for many individuals.

Why Early Diagnosis Matters

Even in the absence of a cure, there is hope for those with dementia. An early diagnosis of dementia helps people plan their lives despite their disease. Armed with timely information about the disease, many people who have been diagnosed in the early stages of dementia can begin making arrangements for the care they want to receive. They can choose where they want to live and how they want to receive care as their disease progresses. For so many people, the ability to take charge of their care is empowering.

One problem many people experience after learning they have dementia is depression. Feelings of helplessness can overtake them but fortunately, with an early diagnosis, people have a sense of control due to access to information, which helps them avoid depression.

Another benefit of an early diagnose is the opportunity for people to incorporate actions that can strengthen their brains. Each symptom a person displays is a result of the disease’s influence on the brain. Research suggests with brain exercises, people can delay the progression of dementia. An early diagnosis gives people the ability to take advantage of brain-stimulating exercises. By engaging in structured activities, offered at Windemere Park of Oakland located in Troy, residents participate daily in stimulating activities which can help slow the disease.

Although there isn’t a cure for dementia, people can benefit from an early diagnosis. Armed with determination and information, people living with dementia can reduce the impact of some of their symptoms.

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