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The Perfect Solution: An Assisted Living Facility in Troy

The Perfect Solution: An Assisted Living Facility in Troy

The Perfect Solution: An Assisted Living Facility in Troy

Being a caregiver for an aging senior with changing needs can be challenging. Sometimes caregivers struggle knowing when to begin the transition for their loved ones to an alternative type of living solution. They may sense that a traditional home is no longer the best option, but struggle with moving the individual to a facility.

Thankfully, there is a solution to these particular needs. Windemere Park of Oakland assisted living located in Troy offers a solution as Residents transition from living alone at home to a different style of living. They can retain independence while also receiving necessary care, and caregivers can gain peace of mind.

Customized Care for Residents

An advantage of an assisted living facility in Troy, caregivers find, is that the care offered is customized to each particular Resident. Some Residents may only need reliable medicine administration, while others may have more complicated care needs.  A personal meeting and individual assessment is preformed when a new Resident joins Windemere Park in Troy, this determines the level of care the Resident will receive, many times, retaining the highest level of independence possible.

Family conferences and physician insight are ongoing to ensure the right level of care is being provided. The facility understands the importance of responding to a Resident’s changing needs, and the Resident’s care plan is customized. From bathing and dressing to behavior monitoring, all care varies and offered on an individual basis.

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

Typical living arrangements can often create depression due to isolation. Windemere Park of Oakland, An assisted living facility in Troy, offers a chance to experience community and friendship. Living close to others at their same stage of life, making new friends, participating in events and entertainment and attending outings with transportation provided by the facility, improves overall quality of life.

When residents no longer drive or find it difficult to get out, Windemere Park of Oakland also offers in house activities for Residents to enjoy: going to the hairdresser, attending church, and playing bingo.  This programming allows Residents to live out the independence they desire under the care of professional staff.

Peace of Mind

Importantly, assisted living facilities offer peace of mind for caregivers. It can be extremely worrisome not to be able to monitor a loved one’s changing health or provide meaningful conversation and activities. Transitioning to assisted living means that the independence stays, but round-the-clock care is available when family caregivers can’t fill in. Even the simple assurance of medicine being taken reliably can ease the worries of caregivers, allowing them to enjoy their time with their family members to the fullest.

Overall, Windemere Park of Oakland, an assisted living facility in Troy is the answer to many caregivers’ questions and worries.  Make the first step and call today for support and information, we understand.

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